Stop Smoking 2024

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Quit Smoking this New Year for your health!

The NHS is encouraging all 5.3 million smokers in England to make a quit attempt this January to improve health and to reduce the likelihood of young people starting to smoke.

(NHS Smoking Harms video campaign & Gov UK quit smoking Press release)

– 259,000 vapes are to be provided to authorities nationwide to support smokers to quit under the Swap to Stop Scheme.
– As part of the Swap to Stop scheme almost 1 in 5 of all smokers in England are to be provided with a vape starter kit alongside behavioural support to help them quit.
– Plans to phase out the sale of tobacco.
– Introducing a new law to stop children who turned 14 in 2023 (or are younger) from ever legally being sold tobacco.

You have support! A Yougov survey has found that 76% of people in england support the principle of creating a smoke free generation, with only 9% opposing.
Vaping is not completely harmless but it can be an important tool to support smokers quit for good, that is why the NHS only recommends it to adult smokers. If you don’t smoke, don’t vape – and children should never vape.

Although vaping is not risk free, it is significantly less harmful than smoking as it considerably reduces exposure to toxins associated with the risks of cancer, lung disease, heart disease and stroke.

Vapes are more effective than nicotine patches and gum as long as you choose an e-liquid with enough nicotine to reduce any withdrawl symptoms and urges to smoke and allows you to gradually reduce the nicotine strength and vaping frequency when you feel ready and confident you won’t go back to smoking.

Please be aware the Swap to Stop campaign and support is being offered specifically by the UK Gov stop smoking scheme and Better Health.

Rowden surgery is currently only offering standard stop smoking support which does not include support for the usage of vaping. Please contact the services listed for Vaping support.

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